Luci d’Artista Salerno 2018/2019 – Integrated communication service for a better usability of the works

Client Municipality of Salerno

For the event that every year brings to Salerno thousands of national and international tourists we have taken care of the conception, management and implementation of the communication of light installations, the construction of themes to tell the event differently with a multi-sensorial cut and to evolve the concept of City branding, with particular attention to the disabled (blind, visually impaired and deaf and dumb).

Concept and Storytelling

Identification of themes and drafting of narrative accounts of the works

Communication and promotion media

Preparations and archigraphies

Content management

Podcast audio guides characters tales

Podcast audio guides descriptions for blind and visually impaired

Descriptive videos in LIS language for deaf-mutes

Creation, management and implementation of the Luci d’Artista Card System


Map in Italian and English with QRcode for each theme / work for access to special contents

Graphic area and visual communication

Creation of the graphic format


Human resources