Piemonte Fil Food

“FIL FOOD” Interregional project for the enhancement of food and wine resources.

Client Ediguida srl for PIEDMONT REGION – Directorate for the Promotion of Culture, Tourism and Sport Tourist Activities Sector, Promotion of Sport and Leisure.

Interregional project aimed at promoting food and wine tourism and enhancing the food and wine resources of the territories involved, highlighting the culinary traditions of each region, the tourist itineraries of the sector, the typical agri-food products, traditional recipes and food and wine events of national scope and international.

The expression Fil Food, taken from the French Fil Rouge which identifies the thread of the story (but also the “chain”) that links history, traditions, tales and productions, was the basis of the project for the food and wine promotion of the territory. of the different regions of Italy thus becoming truly the common thread that unites a great variety of products and recipes, all inherent in the culture of the Italian people.



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